Price: 10 EUR

Issued: 1/1/2015
Publisher: Ereley
Recorded by: La Resistance Records and Studio Hostivař Prague
Mix and mastering: Zdeněk Šikýř
Photo: Štěpánka Peksová
Cover graphics, booklet completion, cd matrix: GRAFART STUDIO Žebrák
Partner: Fornelius West s.r.o.

Contains songs:
On the Way  (6:00)
The Glue  (4:02)
Things that never happened  (5:03)
Leaving Shadows (5:47)
Soul in Chains  (4:33)
Highlanders  (5:47)
Decay of Brain  (5:35)
Dancing Hoods  (6:52)
A Figurine  (5:51)


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