Our first show with Ritchie Newton: Metalheads Forever No 350

Metalheads Forever No 350


40. PARAMBUCHA Zine (Czech republic)

Louda (3/5)


David Kerber (7,5/10)


Atermet (8,1/10)

37.  ROCK HARD (Slovakia)
Martin Barták (3,5/5)

36. ROCK HARD (Germany)

Mike Borring (6/10)

35. SPARK Rock Magazine (Czech Republic)
Jan Moravec (5/5)

Only in printed form !

34. PARAT Magazine (Czech Republic)

Michal Husák 2-
Only in printed form !

33. W.T.R. Le Webzine de Ti-Rickou (France)


Matt (6/10)

31. STREETCLIP (Germany)
Michael Haifl (6,5/10)

30. VIA NOCTURNA (Italy)

29. MUSIKA (Belgium)
Luc Ghylesen (68/100)


Ulf Backstrom


??? (3/5)

26. PROROCKER (Slovakia)

Schnaps (7/10)

25. FOBIA ZINE (Czech Republic)

Johan (8/10)

24. INFERNO (Finland)

Mikko Malm (2/5)
nice masturbation from suomi...

23. METAL MANIA Magazine (Slovakia)

Thomas Kai (5,5/6)

22. WORLD OF METAL Magazine (Brasil)
Nídia Almeida (8,5/10)


David Kerber (7,5/10)


Zeratustra (8/10)

19. GREEK REBELS Webzine  (Greece)

Julia Tsagari (6/10)

18. STREETCLIP (Germany)

Less Lessmeistefeb (9/10)

17. METAL BLADE (Czech Republic)

Tomáš Marton (8/10)

16. METAL FOREVER - METAL MAN (Czech Republic)

Supermartonator (8/10)
First czech review...

15. TEMPLE - METAL (USA / United Kingdom)

Will Travers (9/10)
This is a really excellent review. Thank you Will Travers !!!

14. METAL.IT (Italy)

Pippo "Sbranf" Marino (6/10)


Kronos (2,5/5)

12. ZEPHYR´S ODEM (Germany)

Maik (8,7/10)

11. RAVEN ROCK SITE (Denmark)



Tom Jaeger (4/6)

9. BLEEDING 4 METAL (Germany)

Metal Guru (5/10)

8. TIME FOR METAL (Germany)

Peter H. (8.1/10)

7. METAL NA LATA (Brasil)
Luiz Gustavo Santos (9/10)

6. POWER METAL (Germany),36319.html
Frank Jaeger (7/10)

Thorsten Dietrich (9/15)

4.  KEEP ON ROCKING (Germany)
David Kerber (7,5/10)

3.  METAL ONLY (Germany)
Thomas (8/10)

2.  ARROW LORDS OF METAL (Netherland)
Erik Boter (8/10)

Justin Smulison


1. HELLMAGAZINE (Slovakia)

Alternative metal music makes me often feel like it´s overcombined and that is why I used to avoid this music genre. I hesitated if I sould pass a review of this debut album to someone else yet I decided even with a little prejudices to make a review of an album of this genre. I didn´t regret. Czech duo put together this band just one year ago so they are kind of yound band (or project) but musicians aren´t rookies. I won´t write there their biography and let´s go to the core. The debut of band contains 9 tracks which are on high instrumental level. Sound is raw, modern and fans of hard metal riffs will be satisfied. 50 minutes of modern and inovation will come to taste of fans who likes non-classical and weird music and progresivity. From my point of view I´m glad that I extended my music horizons and if you have any prejudices for alternative metal bands in this case it is worth to went out from your classical choose of listening to music.
Michal Rohac



In the start I have to admit that writing rewievs is not my favourite thing to do thankful to 2 facts. First is that I don´t like to rate someones work and effort in something I do not know and it don´t brings me a joy. Second reason is connected with writing itself. I´d love to write that album is like that or this and don´t make a sauce about that. So that are reasons why I used to avoid this discipline. But for everyone sometimes comes a moment when we have to face it and so I´m writing a rewiev for a band called Ereley from Cheb.
Who are Ereley? It´s a family duo of father and son. Father call himself York (guitar) used to play in Ebola Joy (1997 – 2007, 4 albums) but this band went to a zero point and have ended in hibernation. Comeback in 2013 has not been realized and so York founds a new band with son Lukas (voices, guitars, programming), it´s called Ereley. In the fall of same year singer Monika Agrebi asked the band if she could sing with them and the result of cooperation was a cover of the christmas classic Silent night. I was able to listen it for a minute and then I shut it off… clip is below. Things turned to be like Ereley should make a accompanying work for Monika and they decided to end a cooperation. In 2014 they build up a playlist containing 14 tracks from which 9 track has been chosen for a debut album called Katharsis. Instruments and samples recorded the band itself in their studio. Voices, mix and mastering has been made in Studio Hostivař by its owner Zdeněk Šikýř. Artwork is not unique just its pea green blinks in to the eyes in the grey of my CD ledge. The band marks their music as heavy joy music. I think that their music could be marked as alternative metal so it is ungraspable mixture of anything and everything.
When I have found this band on BZ they had a 5 fans, very few words about when and how the album was made and where you can buy one. Two weeks later (now when I´m writing this) they have 6 fans. They added some more words about the album especially the words of thanks linked to the people which bought a CD and that album is going well in a venality. I don´t know how much is the album going well but I´m the only listener on So I probably make a profile of the band when I played this album in a player (and didn´t edit tags). On the bandzone page is going a little bit better. Every track has about 40 plays. Facebook page has got about 100 likes.

I have played this album on the BZ and I have to tell that I was pleased. When I have got the physical CD my car become a second place for listening. For the first time album was going well, tracks brought me a joy I would say at the same level. With every other play of a CD I started to hear a shallowness of programed drums which was too non human and its mathematical accuracy which contains very few tempo changes started to be boring to me. In some parts it even get disturbing. But I don´t want to write just negatives. Interesting moments bring track Dancing Hoods where you can hear acoustic guitar which brings a little folk effect. Next moment is on the begining of the track Decay of Brain where you can hear delayed panpipe which reminds me some sad mountain folk song. Things that never happened reminds me a song Jester´s Door by In Flames at start, just for a moment. Opening On the way brings a different tunes with growl which is included to the album in a very small and fitting passages. That´s enough. I don´t want to describe tracks one by one. Even more by a fact that none of them is remarkable for me.

Review? I say for my person that the album didn´t make me feel butterflies. Two or three complet listening it entertained me but with every other listening it lead up to the point where I didn´t realize where is the end of one track and where other starts. The main issue is probably drums. I think that guitars should have had a more space like in some place they could be louder and sometimes a solo could be used instead of riff, riff, riff. I missed a story in a guitars. At the bandzone page Ereley promised a dreaming trip but I just waited and waited. In some tracks it could be nice to get them shorter. I think Soul in chains is a good expamle. Ten-times playing refren i stoo much for me. So if you will listen to album once or twice I asure you that you´ll like it. But for further listenings it´s not my case. I don´t say that I´ll never ever listen to this album. The album will find its listeners surely. And if guys head up to show somewhere near to me I´ll definitely go to check out if they could interest me a live.
Radek Kezir Řezníček


3. ROCKMAG.CZ (Czech)

No live shows neither building own name in years. Ereley started their career by releasing a debut full-lenght album even when they are not completely.
Alternative metal band consists by two members right now. Guitar player, singer and sample and arrangement builder in one person – Lukas aka La Resistans and his father guitarist York whose used to play in highly rated band Ebola Joy. Unfortunatelly this band didn´t make it to this days and sleeps for 8 years now.
In this intermezzo York´s fingers started to burn and this led to the formation of Ereley which by now aims complet power to finding keyboardist eventually other musicians. Ereley doesn´t keep in secret their passion to play live shows behind borders of Czech Republic. Will „Katharsis“ stand behind records of succesfull foreign albums or next to?
This album will not satisfied fans of straight thoughtless beating drums and guitars. Whole album is build on protracted melodies and domed vocals which sometimes reminds me Pink Floyd. Ereley is far closer to the atmospheric ambient than to the classic metal sound.
Of course guys sometimes get the harder tune and clean melodic voice changes to the growl or screamo and guitars starts to stab into your ears like a nails. Drums are usually so good programmed that you will not notice that it´s played by a drum machine. This dark and hard face Ereley performes mainly in choruses and so it begins to be little bit predictable.
The most entertaining moment comes when Ereley mix all their faces into one just like they did in track Dancing Hoods. It would be nice to say that Ereley has high demands on their listeners when they record an album with 50+ minutes.
Katharsis definitely has its own atmosphere and sound into which you can easy fall down and despite its lenght you can survive the listening without any heavier consequences. Problem is that a lot of bands plays alternative metal with unique face and it won´t be easy for Ereley to break through these.

4. SPARK Rock Magazine (Czech)

Let´s leave aside how much ERELEY is or isn´t idea or music posthumous of EBOLA JOY. The guitarist of EJ York with his son called himself La Resistans put together instruments, equipment and after a few months of studios playing they walked into the Hostavir´s studio to record an album. This fact appears to me as a brilliant idea. At first I appreciate that music on album has its own face. Changes of clean and extreme vocals fits perfectly with occasionaly hard otherwise athmospherical sound of tracks. The atmosphere of record is damn impressive in every way.
Second thing I have to mention is a hard but very sophisticated sound. You surely know what I mean. I´m trying to describe kind of „Bathory“ effect which has an album on me yet noone else have to feel it in a same way. I´m describing emotions, impacts of music not style. As a best albums I percieve these ones that I can take as an complete. Not just song by song. I had this feeling while listening to this album. Very nice surprise for my ears!
Maybe this all caticles may let you think why not a full points?
Honestly for a perfect rewiev the clean voice had to be a little bit more interesting.
Robert Čapek
5,5 / 6


5. FOBIA Zine (Czech)

Maybe those who was born earlier will remember band EBOLA JOY (1997-2007) which created interesting electro-gothic-metal music for almost 10 years, made 4 albums and played on a lot of metal actions. Leader of EJ was York who played there together with singer –aL- (now plays in DIFFERENT VALUES and for certain time there was a second keyboard player Tudy (now plays in INSANIA). In 2007 EBOLA JOY stopped its activities. York has moved from Moravia to west Czech and in 2013 the itching of thumbs has come. Ressurection of EBOLA JOY was denied by –aL- and so York together with his son has formed a new band ERELEY. After a little intermezzo with a woman singer (Monika Agrebi, videoclip „Silent night“) the band settled at duo York/LaResistans and 1.1.2015 this family company has released a full-lenght album partly recorded in their own studio and partly in Hostivař STUDIO by Zdeněk Šikýř.

So I looked up (well let´s say the truth I just looked to my shelf with CDs ordered by A-Z) for 12 years old record to remeber EBOLA JOY and their best record according to my judgement. If I compare „Sitra Achra“ vs „Katharsis“ I have to say that SA is somewhere else. Predominant is slower tempo, clear melodic voice, keyboards has the upper hand above guitars. You can see ravages of time on the sound of programmed drums as well as on overal sound. „Katharsis“ is farther from production point of wiev. If it wouldn´t there would be something wrong. But it´s not. Sound of record is full, dynamic, musical shift is obvious. In a nutshell – ERELEY is different band and I don´t see much points of contact with EJ. Maybe slower parts of tracks reminds me the old ones from EJ or other groups.

I don´t claim that ERELEY copy someone because I simply don´t hear it. In a preservation of progressive/alternative metal/rock I don´t feel like home. There is a lot of albums which go through my player of course but it doesn´t touch me enough for remembering and dissecting songs. So I´m not able to liken ERELEY to someone else. But guys feel no shame to say they admire bands like PINK FLOYD, OPETH, ANATHEMA, DEPECHE MODE or RAMMSTEIN. Of course I know production of these bands. I can say that I´m a core fan of ANATHEMA (predominantly older albums), OPETH is not much familiar to me, same as DEPECHE MODE (mabye twice more) and I haven´t heard RAMMSTEIN album for a couple of years. ERELEY is on different way then RAMMSTEIN but they plan to play 2 covers of this band live (Klavier has been made like cover on tribute album BATTERY by EBOLA JOY).

However back to the „Katharsis“. It begins by track „On the way“ firstly on the wave of ANATHEMA but after a moment there is lithe rhytmic section basically four tracks in one, two are repeating while not even one could be marked as refren. Beside agressive rhytmic passage with expressive clean vocals there is dark glum passage with dirtier vocals and there is another part which is slower, gentle voices… About distinctive introduction ala ANATHEMA we talked already. Though it seems little bit like a disunity the song works well. Similar variability go along the other compositions. This is applied in darkish „The Glue“ (which gets close to doom metal in one passage) as well as in third song in playlist wherein I feel big influence by Anathema and let´s say it to the plane, I´m a little bit heartsick that present ANATHEMA doesn´t make songs like ERELEY who adds agressive parts to the atmospheric passages. „Things that never happened“ is my favourite song of album.

I didn´t mention one important thing: ERELEY is mainly about guitars. There is no synths vacuum but it´s used sober. Just sometimes synth section rides a horse. I didn´t notice it on first listening but it is truth that this album is quite heavy, guitars are glib and drums are dynamic (I don´t even notice that they are programmed). There is a lot of tense moments which are driven by heartfelt voice and even if I have to admit that in some places I though LaResistans is not so convincing I have to say I started to like his voice. And I started to like whole album because it can surprise you in its second half for example in non-homely sounding synths in „Highlanders“ or with graded voltage in almost horror „Decay of brain“.

Iff I add to the text above the fact that packaging of „Katharsis“ is very nice, I have to say that ERELEY made remarkable album which could (should) interest fans of non-homely/progressive music. Maybe there is not so many fans there in Czech Republic but there could be others abroad. What do you say ViciSolum Productions?

Johan, 6.3.2015
7 / 10

 6. ROCK & POP (Czech) 

Family duo Ereley freely continues in a way of former band Ebola Joy. They build their debut on a metal basis however moved into a little bit less accesible corners.
Composed music for a concentrated listening mainly in a slower rhytmes (with occasionally sharper digressions) can remind some phases of the band Anathema.
Nine songs brings most various pictures into "eyes" of the receptive listener, once a trip into the snowy desolate landscape then drizzly autumn forrests, wooden pavement in marshland and moss but also mysterious places of fantasy.
Shortly said - on the right level set listener will definitely find some gold for ears (for example The Glue, Highlanders or Dancing Hoods).
Milan Slezák
Rock Pop, Duben 2015, site 59


The band Ereley formed just a year ago and yet they release they debut album "Katharsis". Interesting thing is that whole album put together just two people and they are in a relationship father - son. Though we can soon expect shows of this formation.

Ereley takes from whole beginning of the album. Opening "On The Way" is very good one which sets me into a great atmosphere. Initially more slightly rock music accompanied with elegant and melancholic keyboards begins slowly bites with metal teeth and you feel that you are listening to something not exactly ordinary. I have to commend a great vocals which is not up to the everything else because it more like another instrument. Ereley knows how to pass on emotions but also how to build a great contrast in the parts where music deathly thunders and clear vocals changes into a growling.

In "The Glue" is a lot more metal stuff and Ereley sound really dangerous. Yet I allow myself to say that in a calm parts and clear vocals is Ereley better. Vocals singed by La Resistans sounds very enjoyable and they are not even oversugared or contrived. Growling is fine but more average. Ereley bit reminds me also Czech band - Mindwork. Similar type of music even the work with clear and extreme vocals. Ereley are maybe even more temperamentural and emotional.

You can feel from every single grab at strings how the band took care about everything. Not even with composing but sound too. Sound is beautiful clear and let every instrument excel. Ereley got a hit potencional how proves "Soul in chains" where dominate pressing chorus and I don´t have to believe every emotion which the band pass on. Every song has it´s own unique moment or melody. Ereley reminds me a in minute Anathemu and in next once mentioned Mindwork. Genre as such I could mark as alternative metal but there is a lot of more progressive moments in a second half of the album. Most proved in "Decay of brain".

Even though single songs are very good the ending of album begins to me a little bit boring. Respectively said attention falls down and scenario of a signle song is slightly repetitive. This is one thing I would reproach. At the beginning Ereley suriprises but with coming end you will know their style and approach to work. Simply there´s missing something at the end what would give you a feel of total satisfaction. Overall it is one of the most interesting album of my last years. Escpecially first half of the album is just brilliant. Thoughtful yet relaxation music with qualities and emotions - this is Ereley.
8 / 10

8. ROCK HARD (Slovakia)

I have to admit that ERELEY and their "Katharsis" has suprised me in a very nice way.
The truth is that these surprises were more. First of all is a fact that one from a couple of musicians and this is York is actually one from basic stone of electro gothic rock EBOLA JOY (their "Sira Acha" has its own place in my collection) and this fact gave me a bulletproof warranty of quality of this group.
Second surprise was a fact that ERELEY is just a duo. Better to say father with son, simillar thing I´ve noticed in style related band CHIMERA where father works with two sons.
Third thing, after a year of existence we have here a real debut and not an ordinary one. Its qualities are unexceptionables but I´m afraid that in our country won´t find huge mass of fans. Similar to EBOLA JOY they will be amired by a very close circle of listeners even though their music is opened to the wide array of listeners.
And what about ERELEY actually is?
From the beginning "On the Way" there is a comfortable atmosphere of melancholic keyboards and stroong emotions. Contrast is a clear vocal which can accidently turn to a storm. When first song finishes you realize that you listen to something rare. As the time goes by there is more rock and harder moments and reversals. This is not a mistake because slow tempo could start to be boring and so there is always something to look forward to.
From this music you can feel the heart, sophistication in every grab to the strings, heartfelt voice (very good one), zeal, enthusiasm, genuineness and purity. I kind of enjoyed ANATHEMA with their album "Judgement".
ERELEY is simply revelation and discovery of domestic scene. I´m not afraid to claim that "Katharsis" has a power to enforce abroad.
Martin Barták


ERELEY – Satu-atunya hal yang pentange adalah: Hademiki wajah sendiri

Nama baru di kancah domestik presenta York (guitar) dan LaResistance (guitar, synth, suara, programming).

Maybe those who was borned earlier remember the band called EBOLA JOY which used to make interesting electro-gothic-rock music, recorded 4 albums and played on bunch of metal actions. Draft-horse of EJ was „York“ together with a singer „–aL-„ and for a while there was a second keyboard player „Tudy“ (now plays in INSANIA). In 2007 EBOLA JOY ended/paused their activities. York has moved from south Moravia to the west Czech and in 2013 the itch of fingers has come. Revival of EBOLA JOY didn´t came up because -aL- didn´t agree with it and so York together with his son built up a new band – ERELEY. Attentive reader can remember that this paragraph introduces a review for „Katharsis“ but repetition is the father of knowledge and for entrance I didn´t figure out a anything better.

Hello, in the beginning maybe we should shortly remember predecessor of ERELEY – EBOLA JOY. What have you done with EBOLA, experienced, what you have done well or not so well? And the thing I always wondered – how did you find name EBOLA JOY?

Hello Johan. EBOLA JOY was formed on 1998 and was my beloved one. I figured out the name after finishing reading book called „Hot Zone“ (in czech Insidious Ebola) by R. Preston. I made a „happy Ebola“ from it and it worked quit good. The core of EJ was I and a singer Aleš who also played a keboards. His favourites are bands like DEPECHE MODE, THE CURE. I on the other hand always listened to bands like TESTAMENT, SLAYER… Till these days I don´t know how but we built a new kind of music genre which was prized and succesful. We´ve recorded 4 own CDs, made a cover of „Klavier“ on tribute to RAMMSTEIN called „Battery“. It was nice that we weren´t part of metal scene but played on a metal gigs (Brutal Assault, Venetian night, Basinfirefest) and we were taken as a top of electro metal scene. We were known and had a lot of fans. But after 10 years it ended. Production of the album „Gallery“ was fucked up and relationships inside the band were broken.

EBOLA JOY played a specific music, hard to determine yet you were known mainly in metal circles, played a lot of metal shows. How this had happened? There wasn´t any better fitting scene where you could play? How did you felt between „metalheads“ and how did you enjoy the playing on metal actions?

It´s a bit of paradox. Yet I played trash metal for all of my life I defied the mark of „metal“ and never toke this band as a metal band. Does a fact that there is a distorted guitar in a track proves that i tis metal? I don´t think so. We started to play metal gigs, organizers took us well and a lot of true metal heads was listening to EBOLA JOY. It´s a fact that sometimes they said something like „What the fuck want to do these gelled bastards on a stage?“ but with the first tones we started to play you could saw how their mouth backslide to the ground. But I´ve never thought about this. It´s not about you have long hairs, 2kg of pyramids on your leather jacket. It´s kind of the esteblished uniformity but I think that the clever ones will find it out sooner or later. For me it is pleasant to meet some business man, sit into his new BMW and when he launch a CD player and you listen to Opeth it is true for me and I don´t have a problem with it. While it´s so funny to watch these orthodox metalheads after a few years how they draggles a beer navel, shining CD on their head and they have orgasm while listening to OLYMPIC.
So I really don´t care about music genres. There is a music which I like, listen to it and it is interesting to me. And then there is a music which doesn´t interest me and I don´t deal with it, not even talking about.

In 2007 EBOLA JOY paused/finished its activities. Was it obvious that it is the end or you decided to take a break which ended up in true end? Why did you ended?

We have paused our activities in 2007, last show was in Favál – Brno. I knew that in this moment there was no other option. My relationship with the rest of the band was awful and I had no a strength not eve taste to solve it and to pretend that thing that happened never happened. Plus I refused to sign the sound of our last album „Gallery“.
I moved from Znojmo to west Czech Republic. It was mainly because of work but there was a such a disappointment that I had to run away. I´ve missed music so much. Secretly hoping that we will comeback. But time showed up that it has to be different.
I have ERELEY, Aleš realize himself in project called DIFFERENT VALUES and Tudy plays in INSANIA for a years.

A 7 years later you made a new project ERELEY. How this name was formed and what does it mean?

Before forming ERELEY we made a trip to south Moravia, Znojmo to speak with Aleš about continuation of EBOLA JOY. But he said „no“ and refused to let us use the name EBOLA JOY. And because when I make decision I don´t change my mind so I made a new name. The word itself doesn´t make a sense. If you delete E there will stay R (first character of our surname), L (Lukas-LaResistans) and Y (York, my alias since EJ). Originally we wanted to play covers of EJ´s songs but we had so many new ideas that there was no time for making covers. Maybe we will make some covers in future because there is a bunch of song which shortly deserves to be played alive again.

ERELEY consists from duo – you and your son Lukas (LaResistans). How did Lukas come into the music? Did you „force“ him to listen metal since young age?

Lukas has a big music talent since he was born. Sometimes it was kind of funny. He was a singer in folklore corps „DYJAVÁNEK“ and concurrently he was a goalie of Znojmo Eagles. He won some singing competition and listened to EBOLA JOY from our very first recordings. His biggest joy was when I toke him on our rehersal or concert. So I didn´t have to push him into anything at all. He learned how to play piano or how to sing all by himself alone. So he obviously wanted to play in EJ. In a time he found bands like ANATHEMA, OPETH and also PINK FLOYD. So he woo woo me so long until I said OK. However the fact that we are just a duo is a temporary state. We aim all our power to finding someone to play keyboards eventually drums or bass. But we cannot take beginners so we have to be patient.

In one moment there was a singer Monika Agrebi (I didn´t know anything about her but internet tol dme that she tried one of talent show). How did she find you? And why did you end up a cooperation?

That was a little bit complicated. Monika aske dme if she could sing with us after she listened to some preproduction of ERELEY. We have recorded a cover of christmas song „Silent night“ for POPRON and we made a videoclip as well. However her idea was that we should play covers of her favourite songs (aka ACCEPT). I couldn´t agree with it. I have a weakness for nice singers like Monika but band is band. I can´t make scrubs because I´m too old for this. So we decided to stop it. Moreover Lukas managed not even with guitar but voices as well and we plan to expand in a future… Maybe when Floor Jansen develop her voice just a little bit more we send her an invitation for a competition  In every way Monika has really cool voice and we wish her she realize her ideas because there is not so many voices like her in our republic.

In 2014 you´ve composed and recorded new material. As an author of music you usher ERELEY but how do you create? Who come up with ideas and how do you procees till the final product?

You know we are highly democratical band. I´m a president of ERELEY and what does it mean in practice? Everyone can say anything but the last word is mine. Now seriously. Lukas had not been playing metal until ERELEY so from the beginning I was the one who brought a new ideas and he made a second guitars, keys, programmed drums, written lyrics and made voices. I was surprised every day how fast he proceed and at the end he made two tracks completely alone – „The Glue“ and „Soul in chains“. In the band there is no relationship like father and son. We discuss everything as equal persons and everything is about „feeling decisions“. I gladly say: we are not musicians we are beamers of feelings and I don´t care if it´s metal or samba or if there is a bagpipe. We use what we think it would pass into and never care about if it is too much distant from metal or not. The only thing is important: to have your own face.

I assume that your drums are programmed. How do you create them? Someone use samples of real drums which is composed hit after hit (or various sequences) but you can use special softwares for programming drums… And did you think about to adress some drummer to record it for you?

Drums and all other programs Lukas. I´m here just as an supervisior. Telling Lukas that this has to be different and here should bet his sound. Sometimes he scratches S.O.S. to the wall  But at the end we alway find our way. Our feeling of music is very simillar at the end. As I mentioned earlier we don´t exclude that we will have a drummer. But Marthus play in CRADLE OF FILTH and Miloš Meier drums in DYMYTRY and we didn´t found anyone else here in Cheb. In any event we mainly want a keyboardist.

I make drums in Cubase in classic way hit by hit. We don´t use sequences. For me i tis far more comfortable to have every hit exactly where I want him to be. Sounds of our drums are clasically recorded samples from a big world studios.

Have you been decided to put out a physical album? How many copies of „Katharsis“ have you done? There is so much rumours about shitty sells of CDs. A lot of bands gives their music on the internet for listening or free download. For me is music without physical form kind of priceless. Yeah it is fine when you work on PC and you let play something from your computer but when I concentrate on music I have to touch it, feel it in my hands (CD, LP, MC). Do you feel it same as an „old school“ one?

There was a clear line of developing our new album. Firstly we bought professional equipment for recording into our rehersal room. I don´t give a fuck about some new attitudes so releasing album as CD it was sure thing. When we had about 14 tracks I said „stop“ and we chose 9 track and headed to recording part. I feel it in a similar way as you so releasing on CD was the sure thing. I just need to have in hands, it works different on you when you have it in your hands. Maybe I´m going to spoil my reputation but I´ve bought a new album of ANETA LANGEROVÁ even with her signature (it is completely different from our music but you can feel depth and the heartbeat from it). So when I think about it I´m probably a little bit „old school“ but I don´t. Yes, there are band which offer their music free but from my point of wiev it´s a mistake and I don´t understand. If you want to make a music (any kind of genre) it costs a lot of money. You have to buy gear, go to studio for recording and all of this cost a money. So you are kind of sponsor and you offer it free? This is degradation of your own and to me it is like cheap dying whore who offers herself and in the end she has got zero price. I don´t judge, just refuse to do things like that.
And for being complete: CD was released in 500 molded CD made by GRAFART Studio in Žebrák.

Talking about the old school … If internet rumours are true it means that you are over 50 years old. If I remember back in the days how we have been looking on 50 years old mans… As an oldmans. But today everything has changed. In fifty on eis not old. A lot of people still has their energy, interests. I guess you´re one of these ´cos you start a new band.

So you checked me well. Yeah it´s true that I´m a grandfather and in a few weeks I´m going to be twice. And I quite look forward! But I don´t care about the age because music has nothing to do with age. I conversely admire those who don´t give a fuck about others views nad just do what they want. I´m also a workaholic who can´t stay calm. I like positive minds and I´m trying to avoid negative people. I also cheers people who fulfills themselfs. I think I have pathological puberty. I was told that I can give out an energy 

How does work relationship between you and Lukas? Acording to your promo you even live together. So I guess you agree not even musically but also as human beings. Do you separate music and personal spheres of your life? For example if you have an argue when you make music does it transfer to your living room?


We live together about 6 months and I have to say that everything is fine. We have so spacious flat that if we don´t want to see each other then we don´t. If one understands meaning of communication then every argue has a short ending. I know that i tis kind of unusual that son plays with his father. But it´s all about relationship and respect. I know that for example Radim Hladík (Blue effect) or Miloš „Dodo“ Doležal play salso with their descendant. So I guess it´s ok.


Universally we don´t have many argues but if we have one we just smoke a cigarette and don´t give a fuck anymore 

Do you have classical rehersal room or do you work at home? Today thankful to the technics you can work in your living room and a lot of band says that they simply don´t feel a need to meet in a rehersal room and they sent everything between them through the internet. Other band on the other hand just couldn´t imagine working without one sacred place. But in 2 persons it should be easier, isn´t it?


I´ve already mentioned. We have our rehersal room which we call „La Resistans Record“. It cost a lot but I think that the band needs its own place where vibrations are going through you, where music can breathe and decibels crushes you in shockwave. This magic you can´t make in your living room. We use to play our themes splitted home and in a rehersal room we make music together. Rehersal room is our sacred place 


Our rehersal room is a sacred place as York has said. Before forming of ERELEY I shared our rehersal room together with one Cheb´s band and it was like totally classic rehersal room full of empty bottles of beer or rum, trash everywhere. I said them goodbye and today I could live in our rehersal room. I spent there all of my free time.

You´ve named your CD „Katharsis“ (cleansing). Has it a deeper importance or is it just a nice word which is easily remember and understable in all over the world?


Lukas came with this name and I liked it even if it is a little bit well known. We have gone through real shit after coming here in the west and these things were rough for us. It took a long time until we found ourselfs and understood local mentality. But today we´re fine, speaking about ourselfs like an eagle from South Moravia. All of this kicks we came through we tried to wash with music from „Katharsis“.

On the package of CD is written that you´ve recorded in Hostivař Studio. But you wrote that you recorded in your own studio and then you recorded voices in Hostivař and there has been done mix and mastering also. Do you consider this model ideal (you have enough time for everything)?


If band has money then I think i tis a perfect solution to have your own studio because there is no time pressure, same for money. Moreover some guys just burn out after entering into real studio and their collapse influences complete band. So if there is any possibility I prioritize own studio. In our case we prepared everything in calm and then we recorded voices in Hostivař by Zdeněk Šikýř. Lukas made 7 songs first day, second day made the rest and the rest of the week we made mixing. It was great to work with someone like Zdeněk. However if we should record something now we would record voices on our own. But mix and mastering would be made by master Zdeněk in Hostivař Studio.

You´ve made a good work with cover of album. I mean not you but you entrusted graphical works to the graphic studio. I assume that visual part of work is important to you too. Did you deal the cover in a form of reminders or did graphic studio have a free hand?


All material we prepared by ourself and GRAFART Studio just made it acording to us. Our comments to their work were minimum because they are profesionals and made a great work. Even more they carried out diecasting of CD, its printing and overal completation. And they made a website for us. We are maximal satisfied so our cooperation will go on.

La Resistans:

I think that music is not just about music itself. It´s the world of self-expression where you perceive different the album in clear package with content of some unrelated songs besides the album made in concept where everything is connected. Music, lyrics, graphics and other merchandise. GRAFART made a great work and ERELEY shurely is going to work on its visual part.

What about the shows? Do you plan to play live or is ERELEY just a studio project? If you made a show could you make it just in two person and are you looking for another players?


ERELEY is not a project. It´s a band and the fact we are just 2 doesn´t change anything on this. Our priorities are: having our own face (or don´t play as someone else) and simultaneously play shows in the same soun quality as we made a CD. This was the rule in EBOLA JOY and it will be in ERELEY as well. If someone goes on show, pays the ticket then he deserves profesional performance including great sound and remarkable show. We are now dealing with in-ear monitoring for example. In any event I don´t want to play live just in two persons. We could but we don´t want to make a second duo like Eva a Vašek. And of course it´s about interest for our production and the terms because I really do not dance for green frankfurter and stale beer.

If I look at ERELEY through the glasses of music genres I would say that you are at the edge of progressive/alternative/rock/metal music. Your lyrics are all in english. So commercial succes in not very likely. There is no such a big fanbase for this music. So are you up to the abroad? In which ways?


You´re right. We´ve experienced this in EBOLA JOY. And ERELEY is willy-nilly going in EJ´s legacy so we don´t setting into typical Czech production. We are somewhere else musically and we resist to the typical czech trends. We sent the CD all over the world, mainly into Germany which is about 6km far away from Cheb. We are quite curious how it will be accepted. Sure, if there is overpressure then in Germany it will be like x100 but that doesn´t mean we won´t try it. We have a couple of contacts and if we do it it will be nice bonus. I believe that we will find fans here in Czech Republic too. But I agree with you that it won´t be like a milions of fans 

What are your plans for 2015? Where would you like to get in with ERELEY? What do you prepare for candidates of your band except CD? I mean something like a videoclip, merchandise – if these accompanying stuff has its purpose for you.


We definitelly want to start playing of live shows this year. This is priority. By this time we are preparing for shooting of our upcoming videoclip which is going to be a little bit drift. I don´t really like videos where band takes their equipment into some old factory and make a video of… I don´t really know what. We want to have a plot in our clip. Now we are in the middle of negotiation with the castle Loket and state palace Kynžvart and we are going to shoot kind of feritale. By April it should be broadcasted on Rebel TV. We chose the song „A figurine“ and till the end we would like to have finished second clip for „Soul in chains“. So I think that accompanying stuff makes a sence for band but this band have to play live. Thank you Johan very much, it´s obvious you were really prepared for this interview. We say hello all of you in editorial office, readers and wish you all the best.

Johan, Fobia Zine!/

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