"Learn to fly in skies and you shall find what you seek for, learn to fly in skies and maybe you will survive." said Ace and one has understand and second one not. We fly quite high in skies and search for dreams which hides here. You have to understand that "those bird does not change their way and some of them are never coming back". A lot of Suns and Moons has passed skies since we started our flight. Some nights were colder than others yet we fly further and we look for our "worldchamber". We will maybe never find it but fact is that the way is also good goal.

2014 - Ereley was founded in 2014. It all started when  LaResistans (LaResistans, Lumenosy, Blackmailers, Radiomaják) persuaded his “younger brother”  York (Ebola Joy, Corund) to start a band together. By then, a new chapter´s been written in Cheb´s underground.

2015 - The family duo came up with nine of their own songs, which came out as a unit called “Katharsis” and it´s the first LP. Tracking was done in Ereley´s studio. Mixing and mastering was done by Zdeněk Šikýř v Pražském Studio Hostivař. Than it was time to shoot a clip for the last track from album “A Figurine” which was partially shot castle Kynžvart and partially in member´s bathroom. The following production of the clip was done by  Aleš Strnad with his agency 4U Records. In march 2015 joins the band Tomáš "Birkoff" Vodrážka (Nasty?, Lost Illusion) as a bassplayer and in a month Marie Peterová joins as a keyboardist. With this setup Ereley started their gigs and because York and LR already had some experience with performing their second live show was at band contest  Spark Fresh Blood 2015, where Ereley from over 400 bands from Czech republic and Slovak republic gets second place. After this competition Ereley moves back to their region and gets another success at  Karlovarská Rocková Mapa 2015 and takes the first place. Slightly after Marie Peterová leaves the band.

2016 - The band takes a part in Koncert vítězů SFB, Rock Chodov 2016  and due to winning a KVRM they also take part in Rockbeach Sokolov 2016. There they already performed with new members. Birkoff and  Patrik Lavrinčík (Notre Dame). By the end of the year Ereley unleashes their second clip for song from Katharsis. This time for track "Soul in chains". Production was done by  MVTV from Aš. We have to admit that gentlemen Petr Všetečka and Dominik Erban did some really great job. Within making of the clip Ereley collaborates with alternative modeling agency MoMag which mediated wonderful model Neira Lohikäärme. Because there is never enough beauty in the clip also shows up new backup at post of keyboardist, señora  Mariana Fernandez (La Bestia Negra, Mariposa Negra). After publishing clip, two members abandon the band. Birkoff and Patrik.

 2017 - Over and over starts the searching of replacement which was found again in Aš. The post of bass was taken by René Červínek ml. (The Spiritual Legacy, Mayslayweec). With that set up Ereley starts their work on second LP "Diablerie". Tracking of guitars, bass and keyboards were made again in band´s basement. Vocals were made in Cheb´s studio Rullete Music. For the first time in Ereley history members decide to invite into the band live drummer (until now all the drums were playing from PC) Petr Hataš (Modern Day Babylon). Tracking of all drums, mixing and mastering was done again in Prague Studio Hostivař. For making the booklet Ereley asked talented Denisa Růžičková to draw a series of drawings exactly in style of each track. In this year the band had many live performances which most important were  Pot-Rock VIII. festival and Motosraz ve Studánce u Aše. by the end of the year René leaves the band and the bass post is free again.

2018 - New album is complete. The works on booklet are almost finished (Pavel Kouba) and the band is still looking for publisher. Furthermore Mariana leaves the band. So Ereley are now looking for publisher, the engine (drums + bass) and oil for engine (keyboards). Dark season… But moravian eagles don´t commit suicide and within few months Martin Nečekal (Attacus) takes the drums and Jan Kapr on post of bassist. Following few months the band practices a lot and makes clip for “Enchantress” from new album. But the most important thing happened in 2018 is that Ereley finally found publisher.

2019 - a breakthrough moment in January - Ereley signs a contract with a world publisher: MASSACRE Records (Germany).
Unfortunately, this year can be called "waiting", because the scheduled release date of the CD from 13.8. moved up to the next year.
The band played several successful shows, but all their strength was to prepare new tracks for the next album.
During the holidays, another video clip for the title track "Diableria" was enough.

2020 - it´s January 24th, and on this day the long-awaited album "DIABLERIE" is released, which is immediately recognized by dozens of reviews from all over the world. The release of the album is accompanied by new music videos "Diablerie" and "Enchantress". In February, the band manages to perform an important performance in Selb, Germany, but soon after the covid pandemic comes. All activities are stopped and the whole world is dealing with fear instead of fun. At the end of the year, the band says goodbye to the drummer, Martin Nečekal.

2021 - the pandemic continues. However, ERELEY are working hard on new compositions and in the spring they are expanding the line-up: Wiliam "Willy" Izmalkov (drums) and Matěj "Flake" Brož (keyboard). As a significant event, we can mention the signing of the contract with the German booking agency REDLIONMUSIC.
In the fall of that year, everyone is wondering how La Resistans´ kidney problems will turn out.  Fortunately, everything turned out well, and so ERELEY returns to Germany again in November, to the club Nordbayern RC Selb.

2022 - the pandemic finally started to take a backseat and the band managed to play several high-quality performances: Ústí n.L., Znojmo, Prague, Litvínov... but otherwise everything was oriented towards studio work, in their own studio "La RESISTANS", where guitars, bass, and keys were recorded, as well as in Dan Friml´s professional studio - The BARN, where drums and vocals were recorded, including a complex mix and mastering. At the end of November, the GARDEN album was finally born.
The band also managed to record live recordings from the rehearsal room and these are the tracks "Hex", "The Beast" and "Love and Hate".
Worth noting is the worldwide TV show METALHEADS FOREVER, owned and hosted by Ritchie Newton, where the band, in episode 350, introduced itself to a whole host of new fans from all over the world. In December, the band ends cooperation with Redlion Music Booking Agency.

Turn yourself to you and work on yourself as a legacy of universal wisdom.
Only in oneself man can find deceitful consolation which nothing else could give you nor can be given.
And if you come to your purpose a light in a lamp of your wisdom will be ignited.
A light which does not blaze, a light which does not burn and in front of which any darkness can´t hold up and your hand shall be armed by unmistakable providence with marvelous scepter which is a realization of might and simultaneously of support.
And by that time your eyes shall not be frightened by flashing ephemeral fireflies in the darkness of contemporary sludge.
And this world will become your personification of eternally variable, yet eternally the same myth, pure and vibrant, miraculous colors like the fairy tales you have heard in your childhood when the sounds of kneeling were carried in the silent evening.
Light must come from individuals to the whole world, your light.

ERELEY, aware of the necessary Czech boxing, call their style "heavyjoy music" (even in this designation they pay tribute to the extinct Ebole Joy) and does not care whether it is rock, pop or metal. If we use established boxes, then Ereley is probably moving in the progressive metal waters.
But in a word, it´s just "Chuppacabra" :-)))

Its founders consistently claim:

"We are not so much the musicians who crush the scales and practice songs of our idols, we go our way and we are just carriers of our feelings. We will never play like anyone, we will never play light beer songs ... Our priority is to entertain our loyal fans through the feelings hidden in our music. "

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