Los Ahoyos Amigos

So a surprise which we did promised has become true.
Today was released an official statement. World known recording company Massacre Records (Germany) and Ereley has signed a contract.
This is how the dreams came true.
The truth also is that we did loose almost 3 years regarding personal changes. We´ve almost lost our breath but kept running.
Sometimes the way which leas to your dream is not quite pleasant. We hope that album will be released until summer.




Los Ahoyos Amigos
Someone could say there is not much happening but we´ve been pretty busy.

Our guitar players joined the family of ESH Amplifications once and maybe for all.
Both guitarists use a flagship of ESH Amplifications, model RAPTOR III.
We definitely suggest you to check the whole thing here: .
But that´s not all. Both heads are operated via G-System from T.C.Electronics. Also pick-ups for guitars has been updated – Fishman Fluence Modern.
We plan to shoot some video about all that technical stuff for those of you who are interested.


In „Photo“ section you will find out that for upcoming album Diablerie ERELEY has changed colours for some time at least.

You maybe have some questions like WTF with your new album?
Relax, album is done, we just wait for our new partner who is quite busy.
And who it is? Wait for it. All will come in a right time.
We work on a video for Enchantress which will be released slightly before whole album.
And the last new thing is that band has been working on 2 new songs for a third album.

Stay tuned!




Videoclip: ENCHANTRESS...

Hi everyone!

We have quite hard but also exciting weekend behind our backs.
At Saturday we played for the very first time in our hometown Cheb together with Blackmailers (They celebrated 25 years!) and also with Titanic - heavy metal Brno (from all bands with which we played this band took our jaws on the floor - incredible musicians).
Good beer, good sound, awesome audience, thank you all for this gig!

We went to sleep around 3 a.m. and next day woke up at 9 to begin with shooting second part of our upcoming video.
We again worked with awesome-inspiring-multitalented muse Neira Lohikäärme and we really enjoyed whole action.

Now it´s time to finish some evil shit which is still hidden but as far as I can say - huge things are going to happen in upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned!


We don´t stop, there is a delay, hold your hats! 

With pleasure we can announce that dark days are behind us and a smile is again back on our faces.

There were a personal shifts in a band during last months. Bassist Rene left the band and also keyboardist Maya left the band. We don´t want to explain their reasons but we had to respect their decesions and ways they deceided to go in their lifes. We wish them both happy life. After their leaving we were quite sad and especially LR was also little bit mad. But there comes some light from the darkness…

We did finally find a drummer, his name is Martin Nečekal and it appears that he will give us needed live engine There is also a young man from Karlovy Vary who likes our music and if all will go smooth he will soon start with learning our songs 

That means that the last opened position in Ereley will be keyboards (and we cannot forget about driver, guitar tech or nice sweet and young  90-60-90 blonde blue eyed secretery).

All these changes were the reason why we still didn´t release upcoming album Diablerie. Once everything will be settled up we will send it out to you guys. There will be also a new videoclip for this album as well a new merchendise so there are plenty things you can look forward to.

On 21.7. we are going to play a fest in Toužim and it will be on a palace J We will play this show together with drummer Petr Hataš who recorded drums on Diablerie record (picture of him below).

On 16.8. we are going to play another festival – Rockfest Vintířov and this will be a first gig with our new drummer Marty.


Enjoy the summer!

Thank you all for support.

Stay with us smiling J




Ereley spent long time in recording studios working on new album „Diablerie“, but at the end we are satisfied.
All instruments were recorded in our own studio „La Resistans“, vocals were recorded in Rullete Music in Cheb. Drums, mix and mastering took it´s part in Prague – Studio Hostivař with studio engineer Zdeněk Šikýř with who we worked also on our first album „Katharsis“.
As a guest on drums we had Petr „Haty“ Hataš from Modern Day Babylon, he´s done an incredible job for us.

Ereley now works on release jobs for album „Diablerie“ and we look forward for our live shows.

You can listen to few new songs in video section.


We are over the summer by now and we finished it by show on PotRock festival in Potůčky - ski areal near Karlovy Vary.
We enjoyed the show and met some old friends after couple of years so everything was really nice.
You can check photos and also a video from this gig.

We concentrate all of our powers into studio work - recording vocals, drums.
Diablerie will burn your player once you play it.

Guitarists York and LR has also some news for you, but that will come next time.

See you on upcoming shows!

Motorcycle event in Studánka (near Aš)

For those of you who was not there with us - you can check nice repport from a gig made by guys from MVTV - Aš TV. Whole day was awesome, a lot of beatiful bikes, girls, nice funny competitions, even though we didn´t win not even one of them - crowd made some funny jokes on our account because we haven´t been able to count to 2 and walk in four people with legs tied up to desks and the goal was to go some meters and we weren´t able which is funny, considering all our tempo changes in our songs and at the end we weren´t able to count to 2
aybe next time! Once we have a drummer who will lead us...


New face in a Ereley´s camp 

We have a new demon in a band!

Fresh reinforcement on bass player post is René "Renda" Cervinek and because he´s also from Aš (same as Maya) we officialy became Znojmo (York, LR) - Aš (Maya, Renda) band from Cheb

We thanks to Tomas (Birkoff) for a 2 year collaboration. In these 2 years we enjoyed a lot and we wish him the best in both personal and musical life.

We also wish to Renda that he will enjoy working with us, creating music... And we hope that his diabolical tempo and enthusiasm will last forever!!!

Guitarist will go into the studio in a few days in order to lay down their parts for upcoming album. We´re sure that even El Chuppacabra will come by to listen 


Demons from Ereley hands out Christmas gift!!!

Even though we are not Jesus and not at all Santa Claus we brings you a Christmas gift - video for song Soul in chains from our first album "Katharsis".
Video is imaginary dot behind the period of our first album and year 2016.
Now we fully focus on new songs for a second album with working title "Diablerie".
Enjoy peacefull holidays and leave us a message what do you think about our new video :)

Thanks to all who worked with us on this video!!!
Neira Lohikäärme (Petr Všetečka & Dominik Erban)
Dron - Jaroslav Typl
Divers Cheb - Vladimír Kulštejn & Ladislav Račák
Visage - Julie Kassalová Věšínová & Anna Kmecová
Documentarists - Iva a Roman Stratilovi

For rented places we thanks to:
Chebský hrad

Thanks to whole group of people who participated on this video!

We´d also like to thanks to everyone who keeps fingers crossed, who comes on our show, who gives us his/her vote in a competition, who writes their opinion.... Thanks belongs to everyone who lives our music with us.




That was a rush!

Yesterday we have been in As in their internet TV – MVTV. And today you can check it out! Guys from a this TV are really fast
Thank you amigos!

Here it is:

Videoklip: SOUL IN CHAINS, 2. Shooting day – Cheb´s castle


It was quite difficult to find a day when everyone from our crew has been able to be on place but we found a place in our calendars and even though it was at Monday and there was a strong time pressure we did shoot everything we needed and at the end of the day we were all satisfied with our work.

BIG thanks goes to Neira who came from big distance, also our make-up artist Julie who has been in the middle of 3 actions by the time and of course to our guys with cameras because their work was once again briliant! We musn´t forget also mr. Warden from Cheb´s castle and his patient approach.

We really enjoyed whole action even though there was such a cold in catacombs. We think you have really lot for looking forward so hold on few more weeks!!

Why today i salso an important day? Because:

We have been invited into TV studio of MVTV in As (
Yorkee bought today his dreamed Honda Shadow 600!
We uploaded some new interesting photos 
And just a few minutes ago abacus on our bandzone page showed us 10 000 visits!!!

In progress:
Of course new videoclip.
Videoreport from both shooting days – short film about shooting.
We work hard on a new songs for an album „Diablerie“.

Stay with us and be happy with us 




Videoclip: SOUL IN CHAINS, 1. shooting day

Los Ahoyos Amigos.

First shooting day is behind us and it was awesome.
The weather was so tropical that the water in lake changed its colour to green (how timely for us when you consider our band colours). In water quarries around a village Polná met a great team of people so the atmosphere of shooting was really great.

Most probably biggest adrenalin enjoyed La Resistans once he was falling down from a rock 4m down to water, on his backs. I´d guess it was like 4m. Neira also enjoyed her part once she has been drowned down under a water surface by our divers. Everyone has been little bit worried once she carried a 4kg live eagle on her arms and his beak clapped like 5cm from Neira´s eyes. But all of us survived with no harm 

Second part of the video should be taken at the end of September in catacombs under the Cheb´s castle so keep your fingers crossed.

Complete video should be released in the middle of November



ERELEY never sleeps...ERELEY works hard !

We didn´t give you much new informations during last days. Sorry for that! We are quite concentrated on works for our upcoming album and now, here are some news:

The band has layed out bold goals which are quite time and also financial demanding and to be able to reach this goals it requiers really profi approach. After a mutual agreement our drummer Patrik leaves the band. He has to give more of his time to studying and he´s going to be so time busy that he wouldn´t be able to give Ereley what does it need. We are really sorry for that but the train is already on the way and it cannot be stopped or slowed down. We already have a delay.

Now we 100% concentrate on preparing our new abum which is called „Diablerie“ so far and it´s like when the hell opens its gates 

You know how it´s said: „Who plays games doesn´t bother noone.“. So we are going to shoot big video for a song „Soul in chains“. Preparations are in full swing and if the weather will be good it will be a blast  Main role will be played by magical NEIRA LOHIKÄÄRME from an art agency MOmag (they works with so many beautiful ladies, I´d like to work there 
Check out Neira´s page here: NEIRA
There are some water scenes which will be shooted in a deep natural lake with chilly water so our actors will have a lot of fun. There will be a dron in the air and also an eagle, like a real living eagle.
Next part will be shooted on a Cheb´s castle, more like in its catacombs.
We are looking forward to this, you should too.


In a time of holidays we prepared for you a new video from our trips across Czech and Moravian country  
So here´s happy psycho disco for a song HIDE INSIDE.
Why? Because this song is not going to be part of our new CD and would be such a shame to leave it closed in the drawer.



Competition SFB 2015 is already a past but you can read quite detailed report from this show which happened at 12.3.2016 in Brno´s club Mersey.
We také off our hats because reviewer had really profi look on our show. We would wish to read more similar reports. What can we say? Thank you! ´Cos reports just like this one can help us to move further 
If you can read czech:

Demonic unit ERELEY heads on Moravia!!!

Founders of ERELEY - LaResistans and York - came to Cheb from Znojmo and so it will be a sort of homecomeing because at Saturday 2016/04/09 the band is going to play a show in music club Boomerang in Hluboke Masuvky which is about 6km from Znojmo. We will execute a free depilation by the sound waves from our amplifiers :)

Anyway we´d like to thanks to Radek Kalinic,who is chief of music club Irská in Karlovy Vary. For a great evening, help with unloading/loading gear (which is quite rare these days). We also thanks to sound engineers, photographers and all of you who went in. There was not a huge audience but you were so great like there was a 1000 people. Thank you!!!

Few word from El Presidento York:

"It is a surprise for me. I expected far more interest in heavy music in western Bohemia. But we actually don´t care much because we play on 100% for 1000 same as for 1.
It is nice to see how our fanbase grows with fans who likes metal music. But for me personally the most precious moments are those when someone who actually does not listen metal music at all comes to you and tells you: "I really do not listen to metal but from this moment it has changed because of your music." These moments are for me probably most valuable. So big up and thanks to all fans from KV. Stay with us :)


Show of winners of Spark Fresh Blood 2015 was great

Hello amigos!

Those of you who couldn´t be at Brno´s club Mersey on the show of winners of SFB 2015 competition can at least read nice written detailed and mainly accurate report on music portal OBSCURO.CZ (if you can speak Czech or have a translator :)
For our pack it´s nice to read and we thanks for nice words. We do our best and we want to be even better.

Some of you may be interested in an upcoming shows:
2016/04/02 we are going to release chupacabra in music club Irská in Karlovy Vary and..
2016/04/09 you can enjoy us and COLP (metalcore) near Znojmo in club "Boomerang" in Hluboke Masuvky.

We also have to show off with our princess Marianna who is fully consumed with finishing her studies however she was able to play with us first song. Guess which one? Answer is "A Figurine"

we are looking forward to see you :)



We already mentioned that but it seems like you are real nosey parkers so one more time we introduce our princess from black and white kingdom of keyboards:


Beside she´s going to be a general in our army, be attacker in our foorball team like Messi with 10 on back, she will also play keyboards and and scare the shit out of you with her demonic growling :-)




Winter still holds on, weather sucks, gloomy and depressive atmosphere.. But not here, we have a sunshine and good time :-)))

Demons have once again their angel because today (22.2) joined the party as keyboardist senorita Marianna "Maya" Fernandez.

And because she´s not a new in position of keyboard player we are quite convinced that she will be a reinforcement for the band.
She received number 10 in our football team with the name "Messina" because she has to kick for FC Barcelona according to her family habits.

And the fact we are a world mixture band are not just bulshit ´cos Maya has 50% of DNA from Costa Rica.

We believe that you will see Maya with us on stage since holidays because right now she has to finish her university works.

Stay with us.. Chuppacabra


So, before we will go to Brno to play show of winners of Spark Fresh Blood 2015 we decided to make a little trip in fairytale German town near the border with Luxembourg - Bernkastel-Kues..
And while we enjoy being here we will play a show in local music club Kaisekeller..

Hopefully we will not launch avalanche.



We already know the winner of SFB 2015 few weeks and so it´s the time for making the last point. It will happen on Saturday 12.3.2016 in Mersey club - Brno.

You can look forward to a worldknown powermetal SIGNUM REGIS (Slovakia) with their actual album "Through the Storm". Another band is ERELEY which were acutally "just" alternates but with their album "Katharsis" they made their way on the 2d place. The last band is MISTY WAYS which at least (not last) should be known to the Brno´s audience very well. But that´s not all. The whole night will be started by another band from Brno - EPONINE which ended up on 4th place.

Entrance is free, beer for few coins. Start is on 18:00 and if there will be good mood there will be a rockotheque after live show.

Stay with us and see you there ;)



Since Sunday 24.1. you can hear ERELEY also on the interenet radio SOUNDWAVE. Every day we do play in hitparade starting at 20:00. Enjoy!



It´s true that not always things goes as we would have wished but at least we are not bored, we don´t fall into stereotype and into the greyness.
Major thing is to don´t give a fuck about :)

And so demons with strings in the first line of ERELEY are looking for a new angel who could play keyboards and accidently sing back vocals. 

What do you have to have?
Determination, ability, diligence, and especially be comfortable with humor 

What equipment do you need?
Nothing - we have our Korg Triton Classic and also in-ear monitoring system so you can just learn how to play our musci and than play it :) 

For fans:
Ereley are still in full condition and our current status will not affect planned shows or it´s quality.

Stay with us :)


In the first line we thank to whole editorial stuff of Bandzone that they like us so much they elected us as a tip of the week. It means much for us. Really huge amount of fans visited our profile and lot of them has add the band to their liked bands. We also thanks to all of YOU our fans. For your response and comments. It brings us a wagon of smiles and energy!!! Thank you. 



Right in second week of 2016 editorial staff of the biggest Czech rockportal BANDZONE has selected us as a tip of the week which is great honor to us and we THANKS to the Bandzone team.

Many of you has entered our BZ profile and on Thursday 14.1. was our title song On the way second most played song of all on BZ site. We also received some warmth comments from you and we thank you very much for all of that. You made our start of the year 2016 really good.

Right now we are fully consumed by building of our new studio and we are also getting ready for the Show of winners of Spark Fresh Blood 2015 contest.

Stay with us :)




Last year in May rockmagazine SPARK, Budweiser Budvar and has started third year of wholeyearlong contest of the best young band - Spark Fresh Blood.

There were 397 signed bands from whole Czech Republic and Slovakia.
There was jury formed from team of Spark and representatives of winners of last year of contest (ASCENDANCY, F.O.B., CORPOSANT) which elected closer final 30. Then from this 30 band jury with internet voting via aplication KluBBy elected final 12. In October and November this final 12 bands played live shows in Ceske Budejovice, Prague, Liberec and Brno while jury used the period of Christmas for making a decision who will win this year which besides of the support of SPARK, Budweiser Budvar and possibility of playing show on one of the shows holded by Spark Rock Party in Prague´s Rock Cafe brings to the band also gifts from company Fermata a.s. - producer of CD and DVD. Winning bands will play finale live show of Spark Fresh Blood 2015 contest which is set up near the end of February.

And the winner of Spark Fresh Blood are...


1) SIGNUM REGIS, power-heavy / Senec 

"Melodic metal with neoclassical savor and brilliant guitars" from Slovakai Senec begins to conquere metal world. SIGNNUM REGIS dominated  not only Spark Fresh Blood 2015 but also a November press of German magazine Powermetal. The fact that their attitude to the music was so convincing that it was able to convince even those juries of SFB who usually don´t like melodies in metal music which has showed up as decisive.


2) ERELEY , alternative-metal / Cheb 

Most probably the biggest surprise of SFB 2015. Cheb´s ERELEY has made it into the final 12 just for cession of Slovakai DIVERGENCE and with this wild card they coped well. Even though that they didn´t have much time for preparing and even though it should have been their historically second live show they showed us very solid performance. And when we repeatedly listened to their debut "Katharsis" it was crystal clear that ERELEY are not any stand-in.


3) MISTY WAYS, gothic-metal / Brno 

Skilled guitarst Derias from Brno had been part straight 2 bands in SFB 2015 and it was clear that his main band - gothic MISTY WAYS will be part of main favorites. It´s not a secret that they have their own fans inside of editioral staff of Spark who were convinced by their debut album "Train of Lust". Now we wish that we´ll not wait so long for the next album.



We thanks to all participated people for participation itself and also for their performance in final rounds. we congratulate to the winners and we keep fingers crossed for next actions in music scene which is so far from the status of the evil tongues. We also thanks to all fans which participated in any way.


Since now you can hear ERELEY on 10 radio stations across complete Czech Republic!!!

You can listen to (if you speak Czech - we still cannot find our band´s translator guy :) an actual interview with "Kusofka" and some songs from our CD "Katharsis" since 8th December according to below stated list which plays ROCK MUSIC broadcast or a week later on-line on:

1. Radio ŠUMAVA (Western Bohemia) - Tuesday 8.12. start 21:00
87.6 FM - Domažlice
91.8 FM - Plzeň, Karlovy Vary, Kašperské Hory, Tachov
95.2 FM - Klatovy
90.0 FM - Sokolov

2. Radio GOLD (South Bohemia and South Moravia) - Tuesday 8.12. start 21:00
99.7 a 97.3 FM - České Budějovice
89.3 FM - Český Krumlov
89.2 FM - Jindřichův Hradec

3. Radio PRÁCHEŇ (South Bohemia) - Tuesday 8.12. start 21:00
89.0 FM - Písek, Strakonice, Prachatice, Vimperk
92.1 FM - Tábor
99.5 FM - Příbram, Dobříš
95.8 FM - Benešov

4. Rockradio ČESKO (North and Eastern Bohemia) - Tuesday 8.12. start 21:00
96.3 FM - Trutnov
92.4 FM - Teplice
89.0 FM - Dvůr Králové
107.7 FM - Jičín
92.5 FM - Kutná Hora
104.9 FM - Znojmo (South Moravia)

5. Radio POHODA - Wednesday 9.12 start 15:00
repeat - Friday 11.12. start 10:00

6. Radio FAJN ROCK MUSIC (3G, NET, DVB-C) - Thursday 10.12. start 18:00
repeat - Saturday 12.12. start 15:00 and Sunday 13.12. start 21:00

7. Radio SÁZAVA (Bohemia) - Thursday 10.12. start 21:00
repeat - Friday 11.12. start 17:00 and Sunday 13.12. start 23:00
89.3 FM - Bohemia and Praha
97.5 FM - Liberec, Jablonec
88.0 FM - Pardubice

8. Radio SÁZAVA (North Moravia) - Thursday 10.12. start 21:00
repeat - Friday 11.12. start 17:00 and Sunday 13.12. start 23:00
90.6 FM - north Moravia

9. Radio EGRENSIS (West Bohemia) - Friday 11.12. start 21:00
repeat - Monday 14.12. start 22:00
88.3 FM - Karlovy Vary
92.5 FM - Mariánské Lázně
93.2 FM - Cheb
95.2 FM - Dyleň
100.0 FM - Tachov
107.9 FM - Aš

10. Rádio VALC (NET, DVB-C) - Saturday 12.12. start 16:00
repeat - Sunday 13.12. start 19:00


THE FINAL ROUND OF ROCKMAP KARLOVY VARY Region contest was succesfull...


The final round of the RKVR 2015 contest was placed in Alfa cinema cafe on Saturday 21.11.2015.
As the winner has been chosen instrumenalist NIK and ERELEY won vote of audience.

It was the first time when band had to face to "some evil force trying to confound this show" and it was admirable how each bandmember put up with this situation which involved into huge supportive reactions of audience :)

In every way we thank you all for your participation and support. It has been El Chupacabra!




NEW CD Katharsis for sale


Now you can buy our new CD in e-shop!!!
Welcome to the empire of Ereley.
Nine  songs in more than 50 minutes lenght of dreaming with us


ERELEY Management:

Lukas Reda
Mobil: +420 778 724 428
(english, deutsch)

Post Address:
Lukas a Jiri Reda
Májová 31
350 02 Cheb
Czech Republic

La Resistans Records
Lukas Reda
Mobil: +420 778 724 428
(english, deutsch)



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