Marianna "Maya" Fernandez - key, voc
Lukas "LaResistans" Reda - voc, guitar
Jiri "York" Reda - guitar, voc
Rene "Renda" Cervinek - bass
Patrik "Pata" Lavrincik - drums


ERELEY was formed in 2014.

Original idea of revive and continue in a band EBOLA JOY (www.ebolajoy.ic.cz), which was formed in 1997 and finished in 2007, has never came out. Neither the members of EJ didn´t agree with using the name of the band. And so La Resistans and York formed a new band which slightly follow the path of metal electronic Ebola Joy but
makes it own way with own music and with unique identity.

Since the beginning it was clear that ERELEY is going to sound modern and definitelly heavier because of two wild guitars. Preparing for start take almost one year but today ERELEY is equipped on a high level including their
own recording studio La Resistans Records.

ERELEY started to rehersal and prepare fot recording with starting of 2014. Already in June all instruments and samples were recorded and in October vocals were recorded in the Studio Hostivar Prague by Zdenek Sikyr. 1.1.2015 CD Katharsis was released. 

In the beginning of 2015 there was a expansion of the band.
Keyboards plays young hopeful pianist MAYA (Marie Peterová) and the bass plays BIRKOFF (Tomáš Vodrážka).

In January 2016 Mariana Peterová (keyboards) ended in the band.
On 22nd of February we shaked hand with Mariana "Maya" Fernandez (keyboards + vocals).

In December 2016 we released second offical videoclip for a song "Soul in chains".

In January 2017 there was a change on a bass post. Tomas "Birkoff" Vodrážka ended in the band and almost immediately we did find a new bass player Rene "Renda" Cervinek.

Original line-up (2015):


ERELEY call their music "heavy joy music" (even there you can see the past from Ebola Joy) and don´t think about things like "Is this metal, or rock, or pop ?" If we should use classic terms they would swimm in the alternative metal waters.
In one word - "Chuppacabra"


"We are not these musicians who learn every practise, every technique and study songs of our favourite bands. We make our way through our feelings. We won´t play like someone, if you wanna listen someone´s music then we are not able to help you. We make i tour way, we make it no cheap way. Our priority is to make music through our feelings and make our fans happy."




NEW CD Katharsis for sale


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Welcome to the empire of Ereley.
Nine  songs in more than 50 minutes lenght of dreaming with us


ERELEY Management:

Lukas Reda
Mobil: +420 778 724 428
(english, deutsch)

Post Address:
Lukas a Jiri Reda
Májová 31
350 02 Cheb
Czech Republic

La Resistans Records
Lukas Reda
Mobil: +420 778 724 428
(english, deutsch)



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